Saturday, October 31, 2009

Protected Forest Areas of Bangladesh

Protected Forest Areas of Bangladesh

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This map shows the location of protected and proposed protected areas of Bangladesh. And the protected areas are:

1. Sundarban West Wildlife Sanctuary
2. Sundarban South Wildlife Sanctuary
3. Sundarban East Wildlife Sanctuary
4. Char Kukri-Mukri Wildlife Sanctuary
5. Nijhum Dweep National Park
6. Medha Kachpia National Park
7. Himchari National Park
8. Technaf Game Reserve
9. Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary
10. Kaptai National Park
11. Hazarikhil Wildlife sanctuary (Proposed)
12. Pablakhali Wildlife Sanctuary
13. Satchuri National Park (Proposed)
14. Rema Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary
15. Bhawal National Park
16. lawachara National Park
17. Hail Haor Wildlife Sanctuary (Proposed)
18. Madhupur National Park
19. Ramsagar National Park

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